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Charm Earring Diy Kit

Charm Earring Diy Kit

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Twenty Pairs Of Charm Earrings Diy Kits

This kit is definitely for people who love combine cuteness and beauty , no matter how old we are ,girls always be girls ,can't take eyes off cute stuff .So we prepare the 'surprise me' earring diy kit,The earrings might be different as pictures cuz we choose special one for every single order ,Surprise you all the time. All the materials are enough to make 20 pairs of earrings ,a fancy way to spend your free time.

The kits includes:
  • Bottle ,Food&fruit and Cartoon charm pieces mix (with pre-drilled holes)
  • Earring findings(enough for making 20 pairs)
  • One piece diy tool ring
  • One piece needle nose plier
  • Ten packing bags(you can send it as a gift)

Buy one and get one gift free

gift: 20pcs charms, you can tell us which category you prefer, bottle, food, cartoon are all available. only for the first 100 customer!

How to leave a note:

  • Chat with us in our store
  • Email me :
  • DM me on TikTok : midi_diiy
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